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We're Ready to Celebrate The Holidays With YOU!

Hello stranger It seems like a mighty long time....Well 5 months to be exact! I hope you all enjoyed your summer as much as i did, But now its back to Business as usual for me....I've been working hard the past few months w/ my web designer to get everything in order just in time for the Holidays for our Online Store Launch & I'm Happy to Say we're Ready! There's much to learn about online Business so plz be patient with us as we iron out any kinks we may encounter along the way! We will continue to add New Merchandise as our deliveries arrive But plz don't wait to long as our inventory is minimal "Here Today...Gone Tomorrow"  This way we can continue adding New & Fresh items regularly! We will grow our collections with each passing Season and by this time next year we will have all the Fine collections you are accustom to finding when you shop with us! We are always happy to hear from you with any suggestions and request... 
We are working on a local pick up schedule to save shipping Fees but as a thank you 
I will personally deliver your order to your home for the 
First 25 Customers in the City of Corona on 
Tue or Thur between 1- 4pm Next week.
just click on Local Pick up for delivery 
option and type in {HMDEL25}
Plz Help us grow & share our links with your Friends & Family....
 Find us online or you can also shop right off our Facebook page at @castlesandcottageshomedecor....